he World Health Organization (WHO), for several years has undertaken a Global Strategy of Welfare that deals with various aspects of the person (physical, nutritional, emotional, occupational, relational, recreational), urging member states and their education systems to implement programs for the achievement of an optimal state of health through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and food and the respect of human essence.

A Bachelor’s, a Master’s or a Doctorate in Holistic Sciences is a point of arrival for those operators who wish to complete, with a prestigious academic degree, their job profile.

The Holistic Disciplines (shiatsu, kinesiology, iridology, reflexology, flower therapy, osteopathy, relaxation techniques, body communication, naturopathy, Prana, etc.) are widespread at the professional level, but also in the Wellness (Spa Centres, Beauty institutes, Gyms , Hotel).

The Selinus University, member of AHHA, American Holistic Health Association, one of the oldest and most important international organizations in the sector, has implemented a program to allow these professionals to obtain, thanks to their professional experience, a Bachelor’s, a Master or a Doctorate in Holistic Sciences in the field operator specific.

The Holistic Disciplines are dozens, until some time ago were considered “alternative” than traditional health care system, but the effectiveness demonstrated by the practice of some of these disciplines and important preventive action that many of them perform, have meant which they have gained more and more space alongside the medical and health disciplines. The holistic approach, before the cure of the disease that is the only medical relevance, is geared towards maintaining wellness. The Holistic operator acts with the intent to preserve, educate and nurture the well-being, helping the person to achieve a state Optimal Psycho-Physical, through positive changes in lifestyle.


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