immagine_b_artsFor its distance learning courses in the field of adult education, Selinus University has chosen to adopt the current guidelines of higher education established by the European Union: European Credit Transfer System [ECTS] and the US system : Generally Accepted Accrediting Practices [GAAP].

To obtain a Bachelor’s Degree is required  120 SUSL Credits equivalent  to 60 ECTS over the High Scholl diploma.  For more information on the credits system, please visit the “degrees” link. To achieve a Bachelor is always required dissertation (final thesis).

The Selinus University uses an innovative and flexible study method taking into account the past activities of his adult students, their general and professional skills and their general curriculum, validating credits from private education, professional activities, cultural etc.

The online study programs at a distance of Selinus University are made online and by mail, do not provide for conducting examinations but the implementation report (Units Examination) and text book reading. The graduate degrees are awarded notarized and legalized with Apostille valid regular Government in all Hague countries.

The Selinus University Degrees Program provides various online distance: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Sciences and Bachelor of Business Administration.

The programs at a distance of Selinus University, the study programs are tailored according to the student’s needs and cover dozens of disciplines including: management, communications, humanities, arts, psychology, holistic sciences, computer, interior design, neurolinguistic programming and many other disciplines .  Every single program is executed after a general assessment of the student’s curriculum for the determination of transferable credits from learning earlier.

The costs of individual programs are determined by SUSL Credits. For Bachelor  each credit is equal to 70 /USD/Euros. Minimum age to access is 23 years. The program structure is based on the three pedagogical methods of SUSL regarding the candidate’s CV: 1) Based entirely on texts and research. 2) Mixed: texts, researches and credits from prior learning. 3) APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) based on the evaluation of the CV of the candidate taking into account the professional activities and skills of the candidate.

The entire program cost is determined by the number of credits obtained by the candidate in relation to his CV and his prior learning. To know the cost of the individual personal study program is required to send your CV, from a high school diploma, as detailed as possible. The secretariat is provided to the processing of credits earned by the student and, through a document called “Provisional“, determines the final cost of the entire course by communicating to the candidate. For Bachelor: 120 SUSL Credits are required in addition to the High School  diploma, equivalent to 60 ECTS. Obviously the more credits the student has earned through validation of the CV,  more the cost of the program will be low.

Send your detailed CV at.  indicating your area of interest: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences, specifying the specialization in which you are interested. You will receive a proposal for registration without obligation indicating the cost and method of payment (up to 24 installments).


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