Doctor of Excellence HC

A Recognition of professional and cultural Excellence

The doctorate of excellence is an award that is issued for professional and cultural merits, but also for the human and social commitment, a high-profile people. They can also be rewarded poets, writers, artists, musicians, actors who in their field have achieved considerable success.  The Doctor of Excellence Honoris Causa is a recognized mark of professional excellence and ability, outstanding professional career, services to the human kind and international achievements.

The Doctor of Excellence

A Doctor of Excellence or Excellentia Doctor, is not an academic degree, consequently the usual academic requirements of a doctorate are waived. The Doctor of Excellence is an honorary degree that may be considered to have the same standing, and to grant the same privileges and style of address as the Doctor Honoris Causa. In practice, however, such degrees tend to be popularly considered not to be of the same standing as academic doctorates, except where the recipient has demonstrated an appropriate level of academic scholarship.

Recipients of an honorary doctorate such the Excellentia Doctor may if they wish adopt the title of “doctor”. In many countries, including Europa, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, it is now a matter of personal preference should an honorary doctor use the formal title of “doctor”, regardless of the background circumstances for the award. The recipient of an honorary degree should always be made clear that the degree is honorary. For example:

Dr. Aris Smart,  D. Hon. Ex.
Dr. Aris Smart, Doctor of Excellence (H.C.)
Dr. Aris Smart, Doctor of Excellence (Honoris Causa)

How is the Doctor of Excellence eligibility evaluated?

The Selinus University has established a points system to validate the eligibility of a candidate to the Doctor of Excellence award. It is necessary to obtain a minimum of 75 points in order to be eligible for the Doctor of Excellence.  Achieving the necessary points does not obligate the Selinus University to award the Excellentia Doctor Honoris Causa.

The Selinus University has developed a rating system that, for each activity, professional, artistic, literary, etc, assigns credits. For example: every year of professional activity corresponds to 1 credit. A degree 12 credits. A book published 6 credits. Age credits (current divided by age 2) etc. The contribution for this award, all inclusive, is $ 975.00 / Euro payable in three installments through bank transfer.

Send now your CV to , within three days you’ll know whether you are eligible for the Doctor of Excellence.


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