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The graduate programs of the Selinus University of Sciences and Literature, as part of adult education, following the current guidelines of higher education established by the European Union (European Credit Transfer System [ECTS]) and the US system [GAAP] Generally Accepted Accrediting Practices. Selinus The University is an international institution for adult students, to be eligible you must be 25 or 28 years of age in order to the selected program. The program for the achievement of the Ph.D (Doctor Philosophy) is accessed with minimum 35 years of age. The composition of the receivables of Selinus University (SUSL Credits) is based on established patterns:

1 credit SUSL = 15 hours of learning

Equivalency criterion

  • SUSL 1 credit = 1 USA Semester Credit = 15 hours of learning
  • 1 ECTS credit = 30 hours of study or work
  • 1 hour learning = 2 hours of study or work
  • 2 SUSL obtained credit = 1 USA Semester Credit = 1 ECTS

Ordinary program

Reserved for adult students. Minimum 25 years of age with High School diploma. 30 years for Ph.D

Program Structure: done by assigning texts for reading and video lessons. Project Works and Reports verification.
120 credits are required to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree, 40 credits over the Master’s Degree, 65credits over the Master.

Credits maximum SUSL obtainable by:

Professional activity max = 20%

Life Experience max = 10%

Project Work max = 25%

Reading texts and video lessons max = 25%

Dissertation max = 20%

= SUSL 5 credits for each year of operation

= SUSL 1 credit for every year after the High School Diploma

= 10 credits for each SUSL Project Work

= SUSL 5 credits for each year of operation

= SUSL 5 credits for each year of operation

APEL program: Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning.

Reserved for professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, officials, writers, artists etc. with High School diploma and at least 25 years of age and 5 years of activity demonstrated in the study they have chosen branch. 30 years for the Ph.D.

Program Structure: overall evaluation carried out by and for the candidate’s CV. Professional activities are evaluated, training courses, lectures, certificates of studies and other qualifications, linguistic experiences, subscriptions to associations, books and articles published etc. In some cases, prior to admission to the program, it can be requested an interview.

    1-2 years Durations
    • For Bachelor’s  of Sciences (, Bachelor's of Business Administration (BBA), it takes 120 SUSL Credits over high school diploma.
    • Program Structure: 1) Based entirely on texts and research. 2) Mixed, texts and research, professional credits, college credits.
    •  Admission: Minimum age 25 years old or to be made within the year of registration. Professional credits, university experiential transferable, maximum 55. The final exam consists of the preparation of a report (thesis) of at least 35 pages.
    • Registration fee USD/Euro 150,00 non-refundable.
    • Methods of payment: Payable up to 24 installments
    9-12 months Durations
    • For Master of Arts (MA), Master of Business Administration (MBA). Master of Sciences (MSc) are needed from 40 SUSL Credits over the Bachelor's or equivalent international degrees.
    • Program Structure: based on texts (20%), research (30%), project work (20%) final report (30%), in order to professional objectives of each student. The final exam consists in the presentation of the report (thesis) that must be at least 50 pages.
    • Admission: Minimum age 25 years old or to be made within the year of registration. Credit professional, college, transferable experiential, maximum 15.
    • Registration fee USD/Euro 200,00 non-refundable.
    • Methods of payment: Payable up to 12 installments.
    1-2 years Durations
    • The philosophy doctor (Ph.D.) is the highest level of specialization in any discipline. Candidates acquire highly specialized knowledge and specific experiences that end with the final doctorate thesis. For the achievement requires 65 SUSL CREDITS over the master or equivalent international degree.
    • Program Structure: Based on research and dissertation.
    • Admission: Minimum age 30 years made or to be made within the year of registration. Credit professional, college, transferable experiential, maximum 40.
    • Registration fee USD/Euro 250,00 non-refundable.
    • Methods of payment: Payable up to 12 installments
    - -
    • The Honoris causa  degrees  are awarded to personalities who have contributed significantly to the improvement of their community, but also to people who have demonstrated excellence in the fields of professions, art, literature, science and culture. Since the award Honorary degrees is a common practice in many universities around the world, the Selinus University of Sciences and Literature has developed an evaluation system for this type of assignment. The Honorary Degrees are not academic degrees.

Refund Policy

The registration fee is non-refundable. In case of cancellation from the program, the student will be refunded as follows: within 10 days after enrollment 100% of the amount paid. Within 30 days 70% of the amount paid. Within 120 days 50%. After 120 days of registration no refund. The cancellation request from the curriculum must be sent by registered mail with return receipt to the following address: Secretariat Selinus University – Corso Italia, 271 – 97100 Ragusa

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