A distance learning university is neither for everybody nor for all purposes

Distance learning is an alternative educational system valid as attend classes in a traditional campus. A higher education distance is not a myth, as some might believe. A distance learning course is perfectly valid if legitimately earned through a university distance learning as Selinus University of Science and Letters (SUSL). In Selinus University, we strongly believe that for an adult is easier to learn once you’ve accumulated years of expertise and professional experience. However, adults are very efficient selectively learning the material that enables them to improve their professional and / or personal. University distance education must, in any way, be perceived as a substitute for traditional education; it is rather an alternative. Adult degree programs in distance learning universities offer a convenient learning experience, but also one that requires a greater degree of self-motivation and self-discipline. Selinus University has several faculty and dozens of courses. We try to always find the best solution for our students.

All programs listed below are held through a distance learning system

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

The learning skills at a distance from the Faculty of Arts & Humanities  are usually highly professional. The degree programs of distance learning of Selinus University  in this faculty allow access to the specialization in which the student can choose the topics of your interest in order to design a program fully adapted to his vocation. There are generally no problems for the professional practice of any of these specializations except in the formal education.  In some countries to carry out the teaching profession, for example, it requires a degree recognized by the Ministry of Education. So if the goal is public education, a foreign graduate of SUSL is not the best option. A foreign degree achieved through distance learning is an excellent way to provide a solid support to your knowledge as well as a specialization useful to complete your professional profile.


Advertising Creativity, Ancient History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, Creative Writing, Educational Sciences, Humanities, Interior Design, International Law, Human Rights, Journalism, Museology, Astrology & Occultism, History of Philosophy, Linguistics, History & Techniques of Poetry, History of Literature, Sociology.


Faculty of Computer Sciences

The field of computer science evolves very quickly and often traditional universities only deal with some aspects of this particular segment of science.  Often, formal training is slower progress in teaching of these disciplines and to certify specialization upgrades required by the profession. The Selinus University with its distance learning programs allow access to specializations that often are not developed by traditional universities. The distance learning degree programs provide more streamlined and practical academic approaches than those conducted formal education especially faster expendable. Constructive access to these particular areas of knowledge depends on the ability of the candidate and his professional background. A foreign degree obtained through a remote program is a solid value and a resource to support their qualifications in the dynamic and changing world of computers, information systems and networks.


Computer Sciences, E-Business & E-Commerce, Information Technology, Management Information System, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Systems & Networks, Information Technology.


Faculty of psychology

Psychology is a relatively new science that is constantly evolving. There are many guidelines and approaches within psychology that have not been adequately addressed by traditional universities, and that can be studied through the foreign degree programs by distance learning of Selinus University . The requirements for professional practice will vary depending on the country where the activity takes place. The practice of psychology, in some countries, normally, is monitored by professional associations under the supervision, to a certain extent by the government. However, many aspects covered by the provisions of Psychology, for example Counseling, Coaching, Consulting, Neurolinguistic Programming, etc. They allow, for the professionals who have completed a foreign degree through a distance program at Selinus University, to carry out their professional activities. Needless to say, every professional who is as close to a profession that has to do with psychology, it is recommended to check whether its professional approach requires adherence to the law of his country or is subject to regulations. A foreign degree obtained at a distance to Selinus University does provide a great way to provide strong support for your career as a professional in this particular field of science.


Coaching & Leadership, Criminology, General Psycology, Gestalt Therapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP – Neurolinguistic Programming, Parapsycology, Psycology Counseling, Clinical Psychology, General Psychology, Soul Therapy, Social Psychology, Psychosomatic Therapy, Sexlogy.


Faculty of Natural Health Sciences

In the modern world, people want to lead a healthy lifestyle. In the natural sciences, there are many therapies do not adequately addressed by traditional universities, these disciplines can be studied easily through degree programs at a distance of Selinus University. Normally, the requirements to pursue a profession in the field of natural medicine depend on the laws of single country. There are independent associations that take some regulation of therapeutic practice, but rarely have government recognition. Most of the therapeutic professional practice problems stem from irresponsible attitudes, the misleading use of the term “doctor”, or the actual intrusion into medical aspects and health clinicians. A preventive and complementary approach to natural health sciences is the best guarantee for the successful practice. At Selinus University, with our distance degrees, we give our students a solid support for their professional career.


Natural Health Sciences, Welness & Health, Homeopathy, Human Biology, Yoga Therapy, Food Sciences, Kinesiology, Iridology, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Aromatherapy , Ayurveda, Phitotherapy, Toxcology, Natural Beauty & Cosmetic.


Faculty of Engineering & Technology

In the global world, technology is constantly evolving. In the field of engineering there are flexible approaches that can be studied with distance courses at Selinus University. While, various technical disciplines in engineering and technology level can not learn in a distance education course. For this reason, many courses of this faculty, are reserved for students who, for previous studies or professional practice, already have credits needed to access the program. A distance course of Selinus University is an effective way to integrate their technology expertise with innovative approaches and further specialization. Traditionally, higher education courses at a distance are very useful for PhD that, normally, the can be achieved through a research thesis in the single discipline.


Techonology, Energy Renewable, Telecommunication Engineering, Architecture, Architecture Design, Chemical Engineering, Engineering Sciences, Industrial Sciences, Energy Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Environmental Enginering, Electrical Engineering, Phisics, Chemical Enginering.


Faculty Business and Media

With the advent of new technology the world of business has changed. Globalization is a reality. At today’s professionals are required skills that are useful in a variety of fields: Internet, banks, transport, economic and monetary markets, they must possess an international idea of the business and the world of communication.

All professional areas demand good management skills. Selinus University distance learning degree programs provide more dynamic and practical academic approaches than those conducted by the traditional formal education. The access to most positions related to these specializations will depend on the capacity of the candidate and on his or her professional background. A SUSL distance learning degree program constitutes a great added value and asset to support your qualifications and management skills in any area.


Sales & product Management, Public relations,Organizational Leadership, Pubblic Health,Communication Sciences, Petroleum Industry Management, International Trade, Business & Media, Marketing, Bank Management, Advertsing & Media, Business Administration, Accounting Finance, Hotel & food Management, Executive Leadership, Human Resource, International Business, Finace & Economics, Real Estate, Financial Management.


Faculty of Life & Earth Sciences

Selinus University distance learning degree programs from this faculty of science allow access to specialization in which the student can choose the topics of his or her interest in order to design a distance learning degree program completely adapted to his or her vocation. There are usually no impediments for the professional practice of these disciplines at medium level scientific posts, at managerial positions, or from a vocational point of view. A distance learning degree program is not the best option for advanced scientific research. Admission into these programs is restricted and limited to qualified candidates with demonstrated theoretical and technical knowledge in their fields of study due to the fact that many of the credits required in scientific specialization cannot be provided effectively through distance learning higher education. A SUSL distance learning degree program constitutes an effective way to complement a traditional scientific background with innovative approaches and further specialization.


Astronomy, Statistics, Zoology, Biology & Life Sciences, Botany & Plant Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Ecology, Genetics, Forestry, Geology, Mathematics, Meteorology.


School of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy created in 1970 by Richard Bandler, then graduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz and John Grinder, a professor in the University. They began to study together the characteristics of communication used by some excellent psychotherapists, capable of producing changes in people and cures effectively and continuously.

The acronym NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP in English) refers to a stated connection between the neurological processes and behavioral patterns that have been learned through experience, and can be organized to achieve specific goals in life.

In short, NLP is a model to describe the subjective world of our perceptions. Behind NLP is the belief that if we become aware of our behavioral patterns and unconscious of our programs, we are in conditions to change them at will. But if we have no idea what we would like to change, we do not even know how to tell if anything has changed. NLP is also a speculative attitude characterized by a sense of curiosity, adventure and desire to learn the skills necessary to understand which types of communication affect others. It ‘a scientific method based on the principle that all human behavior has a structure that can be modified and changed. Finally, it is a technology that allows humans to organize their own information and perceptions to achieve certain results. Ultimately NLP deals with the study of subjective experience of individuals to lead them towards the human and professional excellence.

The autonomous Faculty of NLP allows you to obtain the following certifications of Selinus University International

  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Psychology in NLP via Distance Learning


 The Selinus University has developed many other study programs. If your field of study is not listed here, do not worry. The Selinus University can realize a personalized study program specifically for you. Ask about: info@selinusuniversity.it

The degrees available to Selinus University

  • BA ( Bachelor’s of Art)
  • B.Sc. ( Bachelor’s of Science)
  • MA ( Master of Arts)
  • M.Sc. ( Master of Science)
  • P.hD ( Philosophy Doctor)
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)


Degrees honoris causa are titles that are awarded to personalities who have contributed significantly to the improvement of their community, but also to people who have demonstrated excellence in the fields of professions, art, literature, science and culture. Since the award Honorary degrees is a common practice in many universities around the world, the Selinus University of Sciences and Literature has developed an evaluation system for this type of assignment. The Honorary Degrees are not academic degrees.


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