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DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

By APEL (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning) 65 credits

Our DBA program is designed to enable Managers, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Executives and Company Owners to certify their skills in Business Management, International Management and all branches of business. DBA candidates are usually senior students who can rely on many years of professional and managerial experience. They often have major business responsibilities and are engaged in operational strategies to achieve goals, implement projects and lead people. Our mission is to encourage our candidates to think globally and strategically to use their skills at international level through a DBA.

Today's managers are pragmatic, action-oriented, curious, tenacious and have a strategic business perspective. The development of leadership, management and cross-cultural communication skills are the main features of a modern manager; his or her degree must certify these skills. The DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) offered by Selinus University responds to the challenges a manager faces every day in a complex, changeable, international management environment.
Today, various social factors have created a momentum toward globalization, strategic marketing and consistently creative management of business issues. As an educational institution, we are geared toward skills certification; in doing so, we regularly update our curricula, enhancing the real skills of our candidates to meet the needs of today's international business community.



By Research Via Distance Learning

65 Credits beyond the Master's Degree or international equivalent degree
In the area of Management in today's business environment, a Doctorate that certifies the skills of one's business operating branch is essential. However, attending a study course to obtain a traditional doctorate, especially for managers, professionals, CEOs and entrepreneurs is not easy due to their constant engagement at work.
Selinus University is recognized as a prestigious liberal and international institution of higher learning because of its serious academic work in executive education. We strive every day to provide Entrepreneurs, Managers, Professionals with the inspiring excellence of a private institution, combined with the stimulating advantage of a global and intercultural environment.
Balancing work commitments with those of a degree program becomes, in some cases, a mission impossible, especially when the training involves time constraints and classroom attendance. In order to help qualified working candidates achieve the goal of a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree, Selinus University has implemented the system by Research.


What does a DBA Program consist of Doctor of Business Administration by Research

Admission to the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) by Research program requires a bachelor's degree and at least 5 years of managerial, entrepreneurial, economic-financial and administrative experience.
Selinus University’s DBA can only be obtained through a pathway by Research via Distance Learning. The structure of the program consists of original, independent and autonomous research carried out by the candidate in a specific area of Management according to the available study Majors and concludes with the development of a final thesis evaluated by the Selinus University board.
The DBA program is entirely carried out in Distance Learning and "by Research" mode; that explains the much lower cost in comparison with a "traditional" DBA usually spread over two or three years of study. In fact, each credit costs only 50,00 euros compared to about 250,00 euros for an on-campus program. Since 65 credits are needed, the cost of the program will be 3.250,00 euros all inclusive.
If the dissertation is not sufficient to demonstrate the candidate's competencies for various reasons, the development of additional reports or an interview with a specialized tutor may be required. It is the candidate's right to send consultable references from individuals, institutions or companies.
The time to do the thesis ranges from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 24 months.
The DBA is the most prestigious degree in the field of Business Management and can be carried out either in the formula of general DBA or focusing on a specific field among the 22 available in Selinus University (for example: DBA in Management, Finance, Executive Leadership, Banking, etc).
Only top-notch CEOs, the best professionals and the most qualified managers hold a DBA, which is considered the most prestigious degree in the Executive field. Working on a doctoral thesis is an excellent opportunity to research on specific topics, but it can also foster a career enhancement. Adding the specialization of a DBA on one's CV means broadening one's employment options or giving a formidable boost to one's corporate career through an extraordinary Open Doors.


How to Access the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Program

To enroll in our DBA by Research program you need to have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in Management field, at least 30 years old and a Master's degree or equivalent international academic degree. To apply, please, fill out the application or send the form. Please, also send your CV.