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Private Studies

Private and liberal studies in the global era

You have to admit, times have changed. Today it is possible, with experience and commitment, to build one's education according to one's professional needs without necessarily attending a university, but in the professional field a degree can be very useful, sometimes decisive.

Thousands of entrepreneurs, with intuition and creativity, have built their own future. Many managers and professionals occupy valuable positions thanks to the skills acquired in years of work. That's why SBS has developed its validation programs by APEL: to give these high-level people a well-deserved academic qualification that corresponds to their education and at the same time provides the right legitimacy to occupy a managerial position or carry out a professional activity.

Faculty members come from all over the world, are highly qualified in their fields of expertise and combine a solid academic background and extensive professional experience as business leaders, industrialists, entrepreneurs and/or consultants. This highly practical, knowledge-based approach to learning implies proper monitoring of students' experiences and adaptation to the needs of the global marketplace with the assistance of an Academic Council composed of leading figures from the business community in the various sectors.