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The "value" of an alternative higher education degree.

In the case of graduates of Selinus University's Business Schooll, there is no risk that the business "theory" will remain abstract and inapplicable, for the obvious reason that most of our students, as required by our regulations, already have at least 5 years of practical experience in the field of disciplinary management.  The CVs of candidates are examined in a pragmatic way by assigning a certain number of academic credits to the individual activities carried out. In essence, the experience acquired by the candidate and validated by SBS must correspond to the training requirements for the assignment of credits.

Our study programmes are considered as unregulated higher education within the framework of a constitutional freedom to organize education, nor does it follow that private certificates and diplomas issued by the BSS may not allow access to public employment.

to certain regulated professions. However, the value of a degree obtained through a non-regulated higher education institution such as SBS is given, even before accreditation, by the candidate's skills, which are certain, verified and validated.

Our students are adults, often with leading professional experience, they are entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, people who have learned management in the field and have experienced winning strategies in life and business. They are virtually university graduates who wish to certify their skills with a specific degree in their field.