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Master of Business Administration

By APEL (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning) 40 credits

Our MBA program is designed to enable Managers, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Executives and Business owners to certify their skills in the field of Business Management and International Management, in all branches of business. MBA candidates are students with many years of professional and managerial experience. They often have great corporate responsibilities and are engaged in operational strategies to achieve objectives, implement projects, lead men. Encouraging them to think globally and strategically to use their skills globally with a MBA, is our mission. Today's managers are pragmatic, action-oriented, curious, tenacious, with a strategic business vision. The development of leadership, management, and intercultural communication skills are the main characteristics of a modern manager: his degree must certify this vision. The MBA (Master of Business Administration) offered by Selinus University corresponds to the challenges of a complex and constantly evolving international management environment that a manager must face every day. Today, several social factors have created a momentum towards globalization, strategic marketing and a consistently creative management of business issues. As a competence-certified educational institution, we respond by regularly modernizing our curricula, deepening the real skills of our candidates to meet the needs of today's international business community.




40 credits in addition to the bachelor’s degree or equivalent

In the area of Management in the current economic context, having a MBA certifying the skills of your company's operating field is essential, but attending a traditional course of study to obtain a traditional doctorate, especially for managers, professionals, CEOs and entrepreneurs, engaged in the world of work, is not easy. 
Selinus University, for the seriousness of its academic work in the executive field, is recognized as a prestigious liberal and international institution of higher education.  In fact, we strive every day to provide Entrepreneurs, Managers, Professionals with the inspiring excellence of a private institution, combined with the stimulating advantage of a global and intercultural environment. Reconciling work commitments with those of a degree course or MBA becomes, in some cases, an impossible mission, especially when training involves constraints of time and attendance in the classroom. To help qualified candidates working towards the goal of a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Selinus University has implemented the validation system by APEL (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning).


(accreditation prior experiential learning) 40 credits

The main requirement to obtain a MBA (Master of Business Administration) via Distance Learning through the APEL system is to have at least 5 years of demonstrable professional experience in management. The program consists in agreeing with your supervisor a thesis to be carried out, of at least 50 pages, for review and evaluation by the academic committee of Selinus University. If, for various reasons, the thesis is insufficient to demonstrate the candidate's skills, further in-depth reports or an interview with a specialized supervisor may be required. It is the candidate's right to send consultable references from persons, institutions or companies.

 To access the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program you must have a Bachelor degree or equivalent .  If this requirement is not met, Selinus University may consider enrolling in a Dual Degree program (Bachelor + MBA).
In order to be admitted to the program, the candidate, through the A.P.E.L. assessment of the CV, must obtain at least 29 credits. The final thesis will be assessed 11 credits, for a total of 40 credits. The time to complete  the thesis ranges from a minimum of six months to a maximum of 24. The MBA is a most prestigious degree in management and can also be carried out in a specific Major, for example: MBA in Management, Finance, Executive Leadership, Banking, etc.

 Only first-class CEOs, the best professionals and the most qualified managers have a DBA that is considered the most prestigious title in the Executive field. Elaborating a Doctor of Business Admnistration thesis is an excellent opportunity to do research on specific topics, or to prepare the basis for the improvement of your professional career.  



To enrol in the MBA program by APEL you must have at least 5 years of experience in Management and at least 25 years of age. To register you must fill in the form at the bottom of the page and attach your CV. The CV validation process can take from three days to two weeks. Once the validation has been successfully completed, the candidate will receive a Provisional Certificate indicating the credits obtained and the proposal for enrolment without commitment to the Faculty of Business & Media of the Selinus University Business School. Fill in the form immediately without obligation. Attach your detailed CV and send the form.