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Welcome to Selinus Business School

We certify leaders who make a difference in the business world

Our institutional work is dedicated to the certification of acquired managerial skills and previous studies for professional use in an international work perspective. Selinus University's Business School is an independent distance learning online higher education corporation offering flexible liberal and global studies at the university level for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in all areas of Business and Management.

Bachelor, Master and Doctorate certificates and diplomas, issued by Selinus University upon completion of a final dissertation, are professional and international certificates and diplomas issued by Roseau Walley headquarters through Uniselinus Europe, headquartered in London, which is the licensee for the global distribution of Selinus University's curricula. Degrees are awarded on the basis of the credits obtained and in relation to the validation of the study programmes, as well as on the basis of the recommendations of the lecturers on the local campuses where the credits were obtained.

Our programs, reserved for Managers, Entrepreneurs and Professionals oriented to the development of their professional career, are based, and are fully compatible, with the international educational systems. The guidelines to which our Business School refers are equivalent to a minimum of 5 years of professional experience in the specific branch of management in which the candidate operates. 

The compatibility and skills corresponding to the candidate's curriculum are assessed through a rigorous process of verification and evaluation of the curriculum vitae, the sum of his/her skills and the value of his/her final thesis.

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