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Get the Provisional Certificate

The Provisional Certificate is a document, issued by Selinus Business School without obligation, which is obtained following the evaluation of the candidate's Curriculum Vitae carried out by the school. The document contains all the evaluations of the candidate's profile as well as the credits obtained for the purpose of enrolment in the desired program.

In particular, the Provisional Certificate lists the credits obtained following the evaluation of the individual activities taken into consideration: years of specific professional experience, previous studies at other institutions, certifications and training, seminars, digital and linguistic knowledge, other qualifications and anything else relevant to the candidate's specific training. The Provisional Certificate also lists the faculty in which the candidate will be registered, the number of total credits obtained, the final cost of the study programme.

If you would like to receive your Provisional Certificate please fill out the form on the home page with your details. You will receive without any obligation, all the information necessary for your evaluation of the program and how to submit your CV.