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Global Executive PhD

By Research via Distance Learning

The Selinus University Business School has founded the Global Executive Ph.D. by Research designed to allow managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives, officers, and business owners, to certify their skills in all branches of Business Management. The candidates in this program are senior students with, not only a Master's degree but also many years of professional and managerial experience. They often have big corporate responsibilities and are engaged in operational strategies to achieve goals and implement projects. The program Global Executive PhD (through the development of an autonomous and independent research thesis) allows to deepen a specific area of management and it is useful to pave the way towards more high levels of professional and academic career. Encouraging our candidates, special and successful people, to think globally and to use strategically their skills at the Executive Ph.D. level is our mission. Today's managers are pragmatic, action-oriented, curious, and tenacious, with a strategic vision of the business. The development of leadership, management, and intercultural communication skills are the main characteristics of a modern manager: their degree must certify this vision. The Global Executive Ph.D. offered by Selinus University adapts to the challenges of a complex and ever-evolving international environment that a manager has to face every day. Today, several social factors have created momentum towards globalization and strategic marketing, building a creative management of business problems. The Selinus Business School University, as an educational institution oriented towards certification of skills, responds by modernizing regularly its curriculum, deepening the real skills of senior students to meet the needs of today's international business community.

​In the Business Management area of today's socio-economic environment, being a holder of an Executive Ph.D. is crucial to a career. It not only certifies specific skills in the business operating branch but also places the candidate's profile in an academic research context at the highest educational levels. We know that today, it is impossible for a professional or manager to take a traditional on-campus course of study structured by exams and spread over two or three years of work. That is why the Global Executive Ph.D. by Research was born: fast, effective, low cost, and, above all, useful for the career. Selinus University, thanks to the seriousness of its academic work in executive education, is recognized as a prestigious international liberal institution of higher learning. With our commitment and our ideas, we provide Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Professionals the inspiring excellence of a private institution, combined with the stimulating advantage of a global and intercultural environment.


Global Executive PhD
By Research via Distance Learning
65 Credits Beyond the Master's Degree

To be eligible for the Global Executive PhD by Research program, it is necessary to have already earned a Master's Degree, an age of at least 30 years, and a minimum of 3 years of professional experience in business management. In our Business School, the Global Executive PhD will be obtained through a program by Research via Distance Learning. This learning model allows you to have many advantages without leaving your professional and family commitments. The structure of the program consists on the completion of an original research thesis, carried out by the candidate autonomously and independently in a specific area of Business Management according to the available directions of study. The awarding of the Global Executive PhD at the Selinus University business school is based on the evaluation of the thesis content. In particular, in addition to the content also other factors are evaluated: the topic, the originality that emerges from the literature review, the neatness, the structure, and above all the candidate's capacity for autonomy in carrying out the research.
  This study program, which is "by Research" and via distance learning without classroom lectures but with the assistance of a coordinating supervisor, has a much lower cost than a Ph.D. done on Campus, which would be spread over 3/4 years of study. In fact, each credit costs only 45 euros, compared to about 250 euros for an on-campus program. Since 65 credits are needed, the cost of the program will be 2,925 euros all inclusive. A low-cost model developed by Selinus University to meet the community of international students who want to complete their education at the highest academic level, without taking economic resources away from their families and without spending a fortune. In case, for various reasons, the thesis would be insufficient to demonstrate the candidate's competence in the chosen branch of study, the development of additional reports or an interview with a specialized professor may be required. It is the candidate's option to send consultable references to the companies. The time to conduct the thesis ranges from a minimum of six months to a maximum of 24. The Global Executive Ph.D. can be done in 22 different fields of study. Only top-notch CEOs, the best professionals, and the most qualified managers hold an Executive Ph.D., which is considered the most prestigious title in the executive field. Furthermore, working on a PhD thesis is an excellent opportunity to do research on specific topics, or to prepare the groundwork for career enhancement. A Global Executive Ph.D. on a CV greatly opens the employment horizons door and helps one’s career to grow.


Global Executive PhD
By Research via Distance Learning
Enrollment and information

minimum 6 months - maximum 2 years
Enrollment always open
By Research via Distance Learning
Language of thesis: English - Italian
(Other languages upon agreement)

Euro 2925.00 all-inclusive
(Instalment payment allowed)

To matriculate in the Global Executive Ph.D. program, one must be at least 30 years of age, have a Master's degree, and have at least three years of experience in Business Management.
In order to apply, you have to:
-      Download the informative brochure and read it;
-      Download the application below and fill it out;
-      Send your fulfilled application, your CV, your personal documents, and one passport-size photo to info@selinusuniversity.it.

The process of validating your application can take from 3 to 7 days. Once the process will be successfully completed, you will be enrolled. You will receive the Enrollment Certificate with your matriculation number, the credentials to log in to your account, and the requested payment schedule.
Please fill out the form below if you need more information, we will respond as soon as possible.