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Is Uniselinus for you?

Choose an international degree consciously

The study programs of our Business School do not strictly follow the local educational models because each country has its own academic frame work whose programs do not always coincide, therefore the study programs are not accredited locally but by international organizations. Our programs are considered as unregulated higher education according to the constitutional freedom to organize education. Given our area of operation, certificates and degrees issued by the school cannot guarantee access to government employment, regulated professions or career advancement in public administration.  Our programs are geared towards the certification of professionals and managers in the area of international business and not to public employment.

In fact, considering the way the school operates and the rigour in the evaluation of candidates, our graduates are highly valued for positions of responsibility in multinational corporations, NGOs, private companies or to perform unregulated professions. Very useful, moreover, to experienced entrepreneurs who want to certify years of business activity. The academic assessment to which candidates are subjected, carried out by the Business School of Selinus University, and the rigorous verification of their real skills, attitudes and competences, are the perfect guarantee that the degree corresponds to their specific professional and disciplinary competence.